2017 Miss Universe National Costume Show

[Music]good evening everyoneare you ready to see some beautifulgirls and gorgeous costumes me too myname is Stephanie camera thechoreographer of the Miss Universepageant and we are so excited to haveyou with us tonight thank you so muchfor being here with that said welcome toPlanet Hollywood Resort and Casino inLas Vegas for our 2017 Miss Universenational costume show let's give it upfor our host this evening Nick and Mia[Applause]thank you everyone oh hi PlanetHollywood how are we feeling tonight weare your host I'm Nia and this is Nickand for those of you who have never seena national costume show it's a MissUniverse tradition that dates all theway back to 1962yes that was a fantastic year Iremembered well and here's the thingguys I'll just break it down for youhere is how tonight's show works me andI will call out a country name thecontestants they're gonna come out in acostume that represents their homecountry right and I'm really excited tosee these girls I'm wondering what missItaly's costume is gonna look like whatdo you think I'm gonna guess a pizzamaybe okay what about miss Belgium whatwill her costume be likely a waffledoubtful how about Miss Poland sausageokay you do realize they don't all dressthe food right actually I was not awareof that no okayso well so all of you aren't as confusedas Nick when the cotton when thecontestants come out tonight we'll giveyou some facts about them and what theychose to wear and just for kicks each ofthe descriptions will end in a funlittle rhyme all right and before youreally bash the rods you should knowthat all the contestants did ask forthem so what do you say you guys readyto get this thing startedlet's go that's right the show Albaniathis national costume is based on atraditional garment that was first wornby her country's people more than acentury ago looking bold in a designthat's old Albania Angola so sparklywhen choosing her national costumeAngola was inspired by a 17th centuryQueen as well as colors worn by women inthe southern part of her nation it's nomystery she's inspired by history Angola[Music]Argentina representing the tango whichoriginated in her country in the 1880sArgentina's costume also honors theaccordion music that traditionallyaccompanies performances you'll dancefor days when her accordion playsArgentina[Music][Music]aruba Aruba's costume was inspired by19th century gold mines located on herisland her favorite part is a shoulderpiece which reveals a hidden surprise loand behold this girl's full of goldAruba[Music]Australia Australia's natural costumerepresents our country's iconic OperaHouse this hand beaded garment featuredfunctioning lights and conceptualfireworks like the ones launched on NewYear's Eve it's no wonder this costumesa hit down under Australia all rightlet's see what's coming up next[Music]it looks like Austria Austria's costumehonors one of her Nations female iconsBertha von sutnar a novelist who won theNobel Peace Prize in 1905 nothing makesher grin like a nobel prize win Austria[Music][Music]Bahamas Bahamas is home to home to thequeen conch which was the inspirationbehind this national costume prize fortheir decorative shells and pearls theyinhabit the coral reefs of the Caribbeanflea life sure as well when you'reinspired by a show Bahamas[Music]Barbados this cotton this costumeconjures the carnival spirit it embodiesher country's six-week annualcelebration when costume revelers paradethrough the streets in spectacularattire if you like carnival then you'llhave a ball with Barbados[Music]Belgium representing the French Flemishand German communities that make upBelgium this costume incorporates thecolours of the Belgian flag into thecountry's national icon inspired by aflag and some others flag Belgium allright slowly making her way to the suitestage we have bolivia representing bothregions of the country this design wasinspired by Bolivia's to nationalflowers she loves the bold colors thatmake this costume really pop inspired byflowers this costume empowers Bolivia[Music][Music][Music]Brazil Brazil costume was inspired bythe delicate ecosystem of the Amazonrainforest she hopes it inspires peopleto protect our environment it'scertainly worth protecting the earthlike Brazil[Music]please welcome British Virgin Islandsinspired by the devastation of HurricaneEmma this costume represents thebeautiful beaches of the British VirginIslands that managed to survive it's nota reach to say life's a beach when yourBritish Virgin Islands BulgariaBulgaria's national costume representstraditional attire in her country herfavorite accessories are the red roseheadpiece and the necklace made of coinssurely no one opposes a head full ofroses Bulgaria[Music]Cambodia this national costume is madeof high-quality Cambodian silk usuallyreserved for special occasions such asweddings and formal events the goldcrown is worn by dancers when theyperform for the gods who wouldn't bedown with a large golden crown likeCambodia's Canada the Queen of Canada'snational costume was inspired byCanadian winters and the mountaintops ofthe Rockies looking nice covered in iceCanada[Music][Music]please welcome Cayman Islands this largegreen costume represents the beautifulplumage of the parent the official birdof the Cayman Islands not sure if you'veheard she's a gigantic green bird CaymanIslands[Music]chill a chilles national costume wasinspired by a mythological bird from theatacama desert according to legend itfeeds on gold and silver bringing luckto those who spotted everyone beholdshe's she's a bird that eats gold chilla you guys are gonna see plenty of birdstonight don't worry[Music]here comes Mia's biggest fan[Music]and that is China created by a lingeriedesigner China's national costumefeatures a large red fan inspired bytraditional paper cutting techniquesthis contestants plan was to dress likea fan China ColombiaColumbia's national costume incorporateshand woven fabric from a town wherewomen are known to balance baskets offruit on their heads to sell at themarket this hand-woven suit comes with ahandful of fruits Columbia Columbia inthe house tonight are you guys here tosee one more time whoo you guys cheeredfor it tonight all right well here wehave Costa Rica honoring her country'sgold Museum in San Jose Costa Rica'smassive costume features golden peacockfeathers and plenty of crystals ifyou're a fan of bling get a load of thisthing Costa Rica[Music][Music]Croatia made of lace this costume tooktwo months to completeit was hand-painted by a croatian artistto represent the country's five elementssea sky mountains sun and rivers ifyou're looking for lace you found theright place Croatia where if you'relooking to race my gosh was she fast[Music]alright curacao curacao is the dahle ontop of it oh she's a ghoul on top of aneighth layer confection in this nationalcostume meant to represent thetraditional cake served at weddings andcommunions it doesn't hurt to dress likedessert when your curse ow[Music]Czech Republic this traditional Czechfolk costume has been modernized but thedesign retains features andembellishments indicative of villageslocated throughout her country lookingfine in this floral design CzechRepublic[Music]Dominican Republic Dominican Republic'scostume represents the monarchbutterflies that call her island nationhome this butterfly sure caught our eyeDominican Republic[Music][Applause]Equador weighing in at 22 poundsEcuador's costume represents thecontinental regions that make up hernation the coast the mountains the Eastand the Galapagos Islands this costumeis grand and represents her great landsEcuador[Music]Egypt this classroom represents the eraof Egyptian history when women beganruling the nation her favorite part isthe hand sewn belt which features his onsaving back to 2200 BC nothing is coolerthan this female ruler Egypt[Music][Music]welcome to the stage El Salvador ElSalvador's national costume was inspiredby a love story between a warrior and ariver goddess who according to legendcan only be seen by people that are pureof heart if your heart is here one thingfor sure you'll like El Salvador[Music]all right while she slowly rose her waydown the runway let me talk to you alittle bit about Sunday's show the bigtelecast you guys excited for it SteveHarvey will be back and Ashley GrahamAshley Graham backstage of course we'vea performance from Fergie so that'spretty exciting and it looks like ElSalvador you might want to sweep up someof those green feathers on your way out[Music]all right coming up now we've gotEthiopia Ethiopia is national costumerepresents garments that aretraditionally worn by royalty in hercountry a sight to be seen this was madefor a queen Ethiopia[Music]Finland Finland is wearing a garmentmade by hand in the 1950s and based on adesign that dates back more than acenturyshe chose a costume to honor the 100thanniversary of Finland's independencetruth be told this costume is quite oldFinland France designed by a famousFrench fashion house this costumerepresents the sport of fencing at the2024 Olympic Games which will be held inParis these are great with a sword youmight win the award for its Georgia madefrom red velvet and embellished withcrystals at this national costumefeatures traditional Georgian designsshe went ahead and wore something redGeorgia[Music]Germany a modernized snow-white inspiredgown this costume honored the 19thcentury German fairy tale her favoritepart of the costume is the unique chokerlooking all right dresses Snow Whiteit's Germany Ghana representing the richcultural resources of Africa's GoldCoast saunas national costume is a sheerfitted yellow dress adorned withcrystals and peacock feathers a peacockfeather holds this outfit together Ghana[Music][Music]Great Britain honoring Queen Elizabeththe first who is one of the mostpowerful monarchs and Britain's firstinfluential queen this costume fusestradition and glamour not sure if you'veseen but she's dressed like a queenGreat Britain Guan celebrating herIsland 70th anniversary as a territorythis national costume literally putsGuam on the map the blue colorrepresents the vast oceans and the redstripe symbolizes the blood shed in hercountry prior to achieving peace it's asnap to dress up like a map when yourGuam[Music][Music]Guatemala[Applause][Music]Guatemala's national costume wasinspired by a tradition in her countrywhere people fly kites over cemeteriesto promote peace while also scaring awayevil spirits we're happy to say she'llkeep evil at bay Guatemala[Music]Guayana it took five people to pack thisnational costume for transit to LasVegas made of beads that cascade into aplume of feathers it symbolizes theworld's largest single drop waterfallwhich is known as the jewel of Guyanafeathers and bees is all this costumeneeds Guyana[Music]here comes Haiti created by a Haitiandesigner this costume illustrates thelengths that women in Haiti will go toin order to feed their families womenwho make up 60% of the nation'sworkforce carry the weight of thecountry on their backsher country's surviving because thewomen are thriving Haiti Honduras thiscolorful colorful card Yvonne's costumerepresents el indiowho fought against colonization by theEuropeans as to describe her costume inthree words Honduras chose party partyparty if you want a costume that's funthis outfits the one HondurasIceland channeling the spirit of strongViking women Iceland is wearing anational costume comprising blackfeathers faux fish skins and abattery-powered axe that lights up thisViking sure is striking Iceland[Music]let's welcome India this costumerepresents the goddess of love andpurityweighing in at nearly 45 pounds itfeatures a back piece inspired by theLotus her country's national flower ittakes serious power to lift this heavyflower India[Music]Indonesia this costume is entitledwarrior of the orangutan she chose thisconstant in order to raise awareness ofthe impact deforestation is having onthe animals natural habitat give a roundof applause for this costume with thecause Indonesia[Music]Iraq there is costume was inspired by anancient civilization culture and afuturistic vision of modern Iraqi womenit's a blast bouncing from future topast with Iraq[Music]Ireland Ireland describes her nationalcostume as a modern-day Irish superheroshe was inspired by the fact that whileher country may be small its very mightylooking stylishshe's undeniably Irish Ireland IsraelIsrael's national costume depicts thepopular comic book character WonderWoman the star of the 2017 Wonder Womanfilm is none other than miss Israel 2004gal gadot stealing the showdressed as gal gadot it's Israel[Music]ItalyItaly's embroidered costume was providedby a well-known designer who is also theartistic director of an event that takesplace along the Grand Canal in Venicethis outfits a salute to a countryshaped like a boot Italy Jamaicadepicting the legend behind Jamaica'smarker brave River this costumerepresents a mythical mermaid who wasinstrumental in a battle between theSpaniards and Latinos no one could throwshade at this stunning mermaid Jamaica[Music]Japan Japan's national costumetransforms from a ninja inspiredensemble into a traditional Japanesekimono from the Land of the Rising Sunshe's got two costumes in one chip and[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]Kazakhstan handmade by a famous Kazakdesigner this down is embellished withnatural pearls and crystals topped offwith a traditional bridal hat and veilbeaming with pride while dressed as abride Kazakhstan[Music]as she makes her way to the stage let'sgive a hand for polish shoe guards thepresident of Miss Universe sitting rightthere in the front row and welcome Korea[Music][Applause]Korea's national costume was inspired bygarments traditionally worn by hercountry's Queens she feels like royaltyin this red silk robe if you see whatI'm seeingyou'll love this Korean Korea[Music]next up Laos made from authentic silkand this golden garlic garment isundeniably Regal the fabrics ornatepatterns and intricate details areindicative of her nation's iconictextiles I bet the house on this costumefrom Laos Laos[Music]all right welcome Lebanon thisdecades-old garment was once worn by afamous Lebanese singer actress andfashion icon during one of her moviesit's not bizarre to be dressed like astar when you're Lebanon[Music]welcome to the stage Malaysia thiscostume represents the national food ofMalaysia known as fat rice the bananaleaf on the back was made at using atraditional technique in which candlewax is dipped on silk it must be nice tobe dressed up like rice Malaysia[Music]Malte her country's top carnivaldesigners created this costume for maltait features a flurry of feathers abeautiful headpiece and the white andred colours of the maltese flag thisheadpiece is authentic Maltese Malta[Music]Mauritius this national costume is adress worn by dancers performing alively joyous danceshe's also carrying the musicalinstrument that is traditionally used toaccompany the dancers she's happy todance when given the chanceMauritius mehico mehico Mexico[Applause][Music][Applause][Music]Mexico chose a well-known artist andfeminist as the inspiration behind hernational costume she believes in alwaysfighting for the rights of women in hercountrythis costume fights to promote women'srights Mexico[Music][Music]miramar near mars massive nationalcostume it represents a traditionalBurmese folk music and sambal of gongsand drums you'll know when she's comingcause you'll hear the loud drummingmiramar let's get that one another roundof applause[Music]that looks heavy[Music]hey guys just so you know you will beable to vote for a finalist this yearjust make sure you head on over to bothMiss Universe comm for details and[Music]please welcome Namibia coordinating withher campaign to protect the white rhinoand stop poaching Namibia chose thissimple garment which sends a powerfulmessageit isn't preposterous to save arhinoceros when your Namibia[Music]nopal dubbed the embodiment ofspiritualityNepal's costume it represents thespiritual path humans take on theirjourney to Nirvanathe circular golden headpiece weighs inat nearly seven pounds wear this if youwanna take a trip to Nirvana Nepal[Music]keep that energy up folks there's onlyabout 120 countries to go[Music]okay welcome to the stage Netherlandscreated by a Dutch designer this costumeincorporates elements from her country'sflag which features three lions she'salso wearing custom finger ornamentsmade from gold if you're trying to looklike a lion see Netherlands[Music]New Zealand a depiction of the goddessof fire New Zealand's costume featuresblack feathers those feathers representthe misperceptions that shadow herindigenous people with a strong desireto be the goddess of fire it'sNetherland New Zealand[Music][Music]all right Nicaragua[Music]this national costume represents theface of a famous volcano in her countrythe beautiful bright colors are a sourceof pride for this contestantlook out below this volcano might blowNicaragua[Music][Music]Nigeriabehold the Nigerian coat of arms itrepresents unity and faith preach andprogress featuring an eagle and horseit's a coat of arms of course Nigeria[Music]and for those of you watching in-househere just remember the preliminarycompetition is on this very stageMonday night co-hosted by the reigningMiss Universe who I see in the audiencegive her a handall right and please turn your attentionto Norway here we have a goddess Vikingthis all-white look is meant torepresent the snowy mountains and theNorwegian winter she's a delight alldecked out in white Norway[Music]Panamathis contestant brought two differentnational costume options with her onewas inspired by pearls the Pacificisland and the other by the NationalEagle of her country who really knowsbut I'm guessing she chose the EaglePanama[Music]Paraguay welcome wind woman thisheadpiece features feathers in an arrowrepresenting the strength and wildnessof her country's women it'd be wrong tothink the wind wasn't strong likeParaguay[Music]meru this national costume is inspiredby a warrior son the son was the god ofthe Incas engaged strength to its peopleit sure is fun to be a warrior son likePeru[Music][Applause]let's hear it for Philippines pleasewelcome the golden chicken a legendarybird and mainstay of southernPhilippines art the large headpiecegolden swimsuit and skirt is a symbol ofgood fortune if your luck needs abooster check out this golden roosterPhilippines[Music]Poland this costume is inspired by hercountry's coat of arms which features awhite eagle in a gold crown a bird in acrown is how she gets down Poland[Music]Portugal[Music]because her country is close to the seaPortugal's national costume is blue itrepresents both a body of water and sealife it doesn't get much hotter thanthis body of water Portugal[Music][Music]Porto Ricothe resum Boyan is one of the mostcolorful trees in the world the tree isoriginally from Madagascar but is iconicin Puerto Rico as you can see she'sdressed like a tree we're at the Ricoh[Music][Music]Romania this national costume representsTransylvania Zone Dracula but fear notas Miss Romania says this version ofDracula is both feminine andwell-mannered it's a lot less scary whenDracula's marry like Romania[Music][Music]Russia this national costume isrepresentative of a Russian style ofceramics the skirt is decorated withflowers and embroidered with stones andcrystals seeing her dresses pottery islike winning the lottery Russia[Music][Music][Music]here comes st. Lucia this costumerepresents one of st. Lucia's rarestspecies the whiptail lizard the lizardis under the threat of extinction due toclimate change it's easy to smile whenyou save a reptile like Saint Lucia[Music][Music]Singapore this outfit is inspired by oneof Singapore's most iconic structuresthe super tree car country is known asthe Garden City so the costume isembellished with flowers and LED lightsI beg your pardonand she dressed like a garden Singapore[Music][Music]slovak republic this blue costume isadorned with traditional Slovakianornaments it was made by a well-knownslovakia designer who typically workswith classic blue materials it'scertainly true this contestant love bluemaybe a little black Slovak Republic[Music]Slovenia dressed as a traditionalSylvanian fairy this costume consists oftwo overlapping dresses and a shawl madefrom netting a cloth heads eachheadpiece completes the look beingsurrounded by nets is as good as it getsfor Slovenia[Music]South Africa this costume is inspired bySouth Africa's national flower the QueenProtea it is heavy Lee's favorite flowerand sprouts mainly in the region thatshe grew up inyou might try but you can't look as goodas this plant South Africa[Music][Music]bane over the past months designersworked around the clock to get thiscostume done in time it represents thework of Salvador Dali the famous Spanishpainter this costume couldn't bequainter because it's inspired by apainter Fame Sri Lankathis national costume is made from ahand blue fabric with seashells for anisland twistit's adorned in pearls the jewelry hercountry is most famous for not manygirls could pull off seashells andpearls like Sri Lanka[Music]Sweden this outfit honors the 400 yearanniversary of the dalla horse a popularSwedish souvenirs along with the makingof this costume 400 children wereinvited to paint dollar horses that weresent to kids in Nepal and Mongolia shecould teach courses on how to painthorses Sweden Tanzania this nationalcostume is a modernized version of atraditional Tanzanian outfit it's madefrom leather and wood and liliane saidit makes her feel a bit like a tree it'seasy to see why she feels like a treeTanzania[Music][Applause][Music][Applause]Thailandthis national costume it represents anancient story explaining the existenceof thunder and lightningMaria is seen here playing the god ofthunder perhaps it's this tie if youhear a roar in the skyThailand big half a penny is heretonight[Music][Applause]Trinidad and Tobago this costume isinspired by the cult Rico the only gamebird on the island of Tobago the bird isunique for its long tail and quaintmorning calls bird is the word forTrinidad and Tobago Turkey this outfitis inspired by the woman of the Anatoliaregion this 6-foot tall beauty feelsconnected to this traditional folk dancefolk dance costume complete with abeautiful belt she's looking fine in abelt festive vine turkey Ukraine thiscostume honors a holy temple that ismore than a thousand years old elegantin front the fact opens up to reveal thefamous st. Sophia Cathedral looking fora church on her back you can searchUkraineuruguay this national costume is basedon the national bird of her country theteru teru it's a silly looking creaturewith a small body and long legs it's notabsurd to be a long leg bird when youryour wayUSA meet the science she woman does shestanding for sulfur and helium thiscostume represents powerful womenscientists who want to change the worldforming an alliance between young womenand science it's us a US Virgin Islandsfeast your eyes on the national bird ofthe US Virgin Islands she chose thiscostume because yellow is a color oftrue resilience and prosperity inaddition a hundred yellow stones adornher headpiece this yellow bird standsout from the herd US Virgin Islands[Music][Music]Venezuela this mirrored warrior costumerepresents strong Venezuelan women toour fair and balanced intuitivespiritual and above all free there'snothing wrong with a woman is strong asVenezuela[Applause][Applause][Applause]Vietnamthis traditional Vietnamese dressfeatures several cultural looks mostrecognizable are the large conical hatsand color combinations inspired by thelocal festivals a pointy hat is whereit's at when your Vietnam ZambiaIsabelle wanted a national costume thattruly represented her country and twothings came to mind hopper and hernational bird the Eagle it's alwaysproper to dress like a bird made ofpopper Zambia[Music]alright well what'd you guys think a lotof birds tonight we learned a lot abouthistory yes yes if you want to knowanything about birds or kind of a partof all this is the place to come so Ithink the big thing you take away fromthis is look they spend a lot of timeput a lot of effort into these costumeslet's give them one last big round ofapplause make sure they can hear youback therethere we go make sure you guys are alltuning into the show this coming Sundaythe 26th right yes we want to see youthere we want to see you hash taggingand tweeting and connecting with usabsolutely thank you guys so much thankyou to play the Hollywood Resort Casinoand have a great night Thanks good night[Applause]

Each of the 92 contestants will showcase a costume that represents their nation in an elaborate display of color and culture from around the world. The National Costume Show is hosted by Nia Sanchez and Nick Teplitz.

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