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hey guys what's up it's Beth here I'm ina different setup because I'm currentlyat my sister's housetoday's video is a Black Friday all guysme and my sister went shopping lastnight right after Thanksgiving dinnerand let me tell you let me tell you itactually wasn't that bad it was prettychill we went to McDonald's after andthat line was actually way longer thanany of the lines at the mall okay movingon give this video a thumbs up to let meknow that you enjoy itbecause that means a lot to me and staytuned to the end of this video becausethere may be a little giveaway the firstthing I got was actually this sweaterthat I'm wearing it is a thermallong-sleeve crop top it is honestlyeverything I could want in a shirt I gotit forever 21it was eight dollars and this hassnowflakes all over it and it's croppedand it's thermal thank you forever 21for understanding me I love it I love itso much that I got another one obviouslyalso eight dollars it's super Christmasyit's so perfect for the holidaysI got another crop top there's a themegoing on here I love crop tops and it'sjust a little cream and black stripedt-shirt I also got this sweater this isthe first thing I saw when I walked intoforever 21 I think this was on a rackthat was 30% off and originally it was1790 and it is just a cold-shoulderwhite knit sweater I love cold shoulderthings although they make no sense I'mtrying to stay warm yeah I have holes inmy sweater you know fashion I found thecutest top eight dollars look at this Ican't I need to stop with the crop topslike literally everything I got so faris cropped I just thought of New Year'sEve when I saw this top and I'm reallyconsidering wearing this on New Year'sEve if I get invited to any parties youhave a party please invite me I'll bethere and I'll be wearing this shirt sothe last thing I got at forever 21 wasactually not a deal at all but listen Iwhy is my voice just - I'm honestlyprobably going to be wearing this onevery cold day that we have this winterbecause I'm obsessed with it sobasically it is just a super long blackcoat but it has a billten gray hoodie I just love it it's socute what your girl's gonna be wearingthis a lotoh wait that's not it I almost forgot Ialso picked up this cute little makeupbag because these were like 50% off inthe store and I always need makeup bagslike when I travel and stuff and Ireally like that this one is like a fauxleather so that when I get my foundationall over it which is just bound tohappen I can just wipe it off and itwill be clean again so it's a cutelittle bunny next we went to AmericanEagle first thing I got this flannelthis one was 25 dollars which originallyit was 50 but I didn't have one that waslike this color scheme and because thequality like this is literally so thicklike this will actually keep me warmgirl you cute girl you soft and then Igot this bad boy so this is from theAerie collection and everything at areaI think was like 30% off I just got thisbig oversized red sweater I can probablywear this is like a sweater dress withleggings and stuff so I love this I lovethe color it's cozy it's just big andoversized oh my gosh and I got thesecute little cat ears I also got somebeanies because they're beanies werehalf off so I got this little red onewith a pom pom on itthis white one that has like some ripsin it it's very edgy and then I got thismetallic one which I honestly fell inlove with and this is kind of a littleout of my comfort zone with fashionbecause I never really go for thingslike this but I really like it then Ipicked up some knee high socks because Ilove my knee-high socks in the winterand that's everything I got at AmericanEagle Victoria's Secret I'm gonna takethese off oh okay so they had to thebralette at Victoria's Secretwere buy one I think they were buy oneget one free but I got this little blacklacy one Oh fancy and then I also gotone that is basically the same thing butit's grey and it has black detail oohfancyand then for pajamas they had buy oneget one free so I found these reallypretty light pink cozy sweatpants thesehonestly are so soft and then for free Igot this button-up pajama shirt but it'sallso long enough so I can wear it as justlike a pyjama dress if I want to andthen me and my sister stopped at PacSunso they also had a buy one get one freedeal going on so I got this knit blacklong-sleeve shirt that has a littleruffles at the bottom it's cropped areyou surprised and then I got this blueshirt which is also cropped are yousurprised I thought that I was reallycute and it also has ruffles it's alsoin my favorite color so these are justtwo basic items that I can mix and matchwith a lot of different things for thewinter time and then I picked up thisburgundy be me Oh guys guys I love thisand then last thing I got at PacSun benice about this one okay this is a wildcard for me sometimes I do that where Iget things that I just really like and Idon't know why I like them so much mysister didn't really agree that this wasa good purchase but I liked it so besupportive so I got this adidaswindbreaker it's just like a crazypattern with a lot of colors it also haswriting on the back I just thought thatthis was so cool it's definitely notlike your most simple subtle item butI'm really happy with it and then wehave Bath & Body Works so from Bath &Body Works I actually got three thingsand then my sister got another threethings so I got literally all candlesmarshmallow fireside guys if you couldjust smell this scent right now I wishyou could just smell itah it's so good I also just loveanything marshmallow so marshmallowfireside yes s'mores and a candle areyou kidding mealso got campfire donut oh my gosh it'sanother really sweet scent so if youdon't like sweet smellsyou won't like these candles and youalso won't like the smell of my bedroomand then I got mahogany teak woodhigh-intensity this one is a reallypopular one from Bath & Body Worksit smells like Cologne but like anamazing cologne oh I could bathe in thisscent so badly Body Works is having acool deal where if you purchased acertain amount of items you get a freegift bag which leads me into I decidedto do a little giveaway with some of thefree items that I got to give to youguys because eyes are so supportive andI love youmy family and I just one give mesomething so so I'm gonna pick someonefrom the comment section of this videoso leave a comment below telling me whatyour most grateful for and also makesure you're subscribed to this channeland I'll pick someone from the commentsto win these few things first thing thisis the free gift that I got from Bath &Body Works it comes in a really cooltote bag inside actually don't knowwhat's in here so we're gonna find outtogetheroh yes oh wow wait wait this is awesomeokay we have aromatherapy recharge sagemint body cream it smells good wintercandy apples super smooth body lotionsmell good aromatherapy recharge sagemint body wash and foam bath good berrysweet hand cream we got a winter candyapple hand moisturizer and champagnetoast scented candleoho guys what wait that smells so goodalso along with those things I picked upan extra pair of the little cat ears andthis really cool deer I mask also anAmerican Eagle I got a free blanketwhich I'm gonna be throwing in there aswell so if you guys want to win thesefew little items then make sure to leavea comment below telling me what you'regrateful for and that is my Black Fridayhaulsorry thank you guys so much forwatching be sure to subscribe to thischannel if you haven't yet give thisvideo a thumbs up and get ready forholiday videos coming up soon if youguys are excited for holiday videostweet at me bethany mota also be sure tosend me screenshots from this video andtag me in them on instagram at BethanyNoelle em bye so I heard that a littlespecial guest wanted to join usBakley now you're back how does it feeldo you have something to show me likeshow-and-tell do you have a toy where isit[Music]

HI BABES! For today’s video we have a BLACK FRIDAY HAUL!
Thanks for watching & get excited for holiday videos!


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