FAIL COMPILATION – MASSIVE Chain Reaction goes UP the Stairs! ft. berlagawesome

[Music][Music]like I said anticlimactic AF[Music][Music]yep that Domino's got to be thick Ohwhat what[Music][Music]all right we are going to itno no[Music][Music]stop it stop it what's up dog communityif we enjoyed all those fails like oh mygodit took forever to get this story but itwas worth it it didn't actually work atthe end because the basketball missedthe wall but I think you came up prettycool be sure to subscribe to burn alongawesome for all his hard work he isamazing and he deserves it for all ofthose fails anyways I'm having a huge20% off sale on all the merch so eachfive shirts Dahmer artists shirtsposters signed dominoes stickers allthat fun stuff 20% off right now untilMonday and good news you get it nowit'll come in time for Christmas so tellyour parents tell everyone go get somehow much five gear and show off yourswag also there's only like a handful ofsign dominoes left and I don't know ifI'll be able to restock it so if youwant one now is the time to get itheavy shrug comps up store go grab itanyways I'm Hamish pride and I'll seenext Saturday[Music]

Fail compilation from berlagawesome’s massive chain reaction that goes UP the stairs!
What was your favorite fail? 😂 Watch the successful take here:
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Special thanks to jackofallspades98 for filming:

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