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[Music]hey everybody it's funny and today weare gonna be looking at this amazingchuck full bundle container it was 97cents at Walmart got a lot of reallyawesome k-beauty itemsunique k-beauty skincare I'm reallygetting more and more into this stuffwe've got a lot of Sailor Moon items todig into today and I just got this boxin the mail today and it's literallytaken all of my life's strength all mystrength of will and I just spat that isthe water ship anyway I've had this allfor about thirty minutes since it wasdeposited on my doorstep and it's takenme all of my self control self strengthwill to not immediately open these boxesand see what this stuff looks like thisis from a brand new site that I've nevershopped on before called yes style.comand it looks like a very classy wish inwhich there are actual name-brandproducts but they also have fashionitems too this isn't like a sponsorshipbut they did send me over a coupon codeto pick out a couple of items so I gotto select all of these items and I thinkthat they gave me a discount code foryou guys as well it's not affiliate nobenefits do I get if you click on it butit is like a discount for you guys so Ifeel like that's all the informationthat I should give you guys before weget started let's look at this firstthis is from a brand that I have seenand I've heard of before I have someother products in here by this brand butit's calledperiod para this is called fashionpeople carrier and there was a pinkoption and I think either yellow or bluebut there was one that was like New Yorkthemed and then this one I selected wasthe true like k-beauty one and the onlydifference besides the color of thelittle carrier was the stickers that youhave to decorate it and I honestly justpicked it for this little guy I don'tknow what or who he isbut it was very very cute to me I alsolike the little froglabel this carrier I will show you on mylaptop because that's the only flatsurface that I have here but it'sactually like a little miniature rollingluggage and it will roll along I don'tknow what the absolute necessity of thisis but it it's cute I'm spittingeverywhere today I hope you reallysigned up for some bunny spit in yourlife today because that's what you'regetting inside I think there are someminiatures of their most popularproducts oh my gosh this is adorable sothere are some lip tints some lip inkand a concealer and I think that that iswhat is the word help me out contouringthank you I knew if I stuttered longenough but look at how cute this is sothis is lip ink and I am so happy thatit's red it's called Erie I'm gonna do aswatch on my very chapped hand oh wowthat's like a very lightweight stain itjust gives you a little bit of like likeyou just you just got a little bit ofkiss I'm not gonna show you guys thiswater tint yet because I bought afull-size of that but let's go ahead andlook at pink velvet so this one we justwatched was inked airy so I'm prettysure that's why it is very light likethat I thought this was gonna be a shortquick video I'm spending like literallyfive minutes talking about the firstproduct so this one is also red as wellwe'll do a little swatch oh wow it'sactually just slightly darker but eventhough this looks red it looks like thecolor on here is actually more of astrawberry not a true red almost like anorange II red and then let's do a littleswatch of this contour I almost forgotthe word again oh this looks like a verynice is the word sable is that what I'mthinking of oh wow yeah I'm definitelygonna be able to use that that will be avery natural contour on me so you cankind of barely see it it's justjust a little bit it's like a suggestionmoving along let's look at these brushesand I swear I've either had productsfrom this brand before I almost want tosay years ago when Marcy and I did ak-beauty thing I think we had some Ponyeffect products somewhere I don't knowlife's a blur but this is a magneticbrush set and I think that this iscalled retrospect the colors looked socool online and it comes in this littletin which I love because it has all thislightening on it and mountains so let'sopen it up oh my gosh they are even moregorgeous in person it almost looks likethe handles are no they're not clear butthey do have a glitter embedded in themI am living what that Biot we have acouple of face brushes this one looksperfect for cutting that crease in yourcheeks and then we have a blending brushthis is like my favorite brush shapepersonally my teeth are so in the waytoday I'm like trying to talk and thenwe have like an all-over brush it lookslike and then this last one is just kindof like a little dense detail brush itlooks like but look at all of thoseabsolutely gorgeous so let me go aheadand show you guys see they willmagnetically stick to the top of thistin and actually even to each otherthey're friends but that's really cooland convenient if you just want to likeset this on your makeup station so youdon't have to set your brushes on theside where they will probably getdirtier when you're using them or if youput cream or concealer products on themand then set them down on your tablewherever you do your makeup it's gonnabe a mess up next we have this littlecharacter I'm seeing him everywherelately he's called hoodie Ryan and Idon't knowwhat the brand of theoh it's the faceshop so you guys this isthe same brand as the Simpsons skincarevideo that I did a couple of months backwhere we had all those really coolproducts so this is the same brand butit's a different collaboration withhoodie Ryan this little bear so look atthe front of the palette it's soadorable and they had two colorselections one was very light andnatural neutral and then this one wascalled autumn leaves I believe and itwas colors like I love look you can seeme filming you can see my doctordreadful box that I'm filming on soprofessional loving this red shade righthere it looks like it's gonna be abeautiful raspberry welcome by it I feellike I really like rubs it in quite hardlet's do this other like dark burgundyshade okay I definitely laid that on alittle thick but look at that it's likea reddish brownish color amazing alrightlet's do this sparkly one sparklysparkly oh wow that's like a it's likeI'm almost kind of Shirish color Sparkledoes that make any senseShirish color Shirish color sparkle howabout a little focusing thanks movingalong I have this little device which Ihave always wanted one of these becauseI feel like I have a lot of sheet masksin my life and I don't use them as muchas I should because I guess I'm used tolike the kind of paint on masks likeglam glow and stuff where you can paintit on and then still move around or situp and edit a video and all that stuffthat I normally doing this is calledlift Lee cosmetic makeup tools but youput this horrifying thing of skin onlike this cut off but you put it behindyour ears and then you can put a sheetmask on and it here it to your facemagical yes up next let's go ahead andtry this out right now it is the mr.smileand I'm trying oh this is from Tony molywhich is a brand that I feel like isgetting more and more popular I don't100% know oh my gosh you're supposed toput it on your smile linesthat's like here and here mustachesdon't go there I'm pretty excited it'sgot these pictures of the ingredientsand I don't know what any of theseingredients are so help me out it lookslike a bean and that looks like grapesbut it also has a top like a pineapplewhat's going on there some seeds andmaybe raspberries I don't know I don'talmost supposed to be in it let's seedoes it smell good it was juicy that isfor sureum oh it smells like nothing let's goahead and fish them out oh look at thatoh it's so slimy this is probably notgonna stay at all Oh soup Rees it doesum no no no all right it's time to maybenot do this while I'm doing a videobecause I think I'm gonna have to put mythings on no one who has a mustache likethat next I have another smile line it'sa little cat holding an iron does thatsay Sparkle control no dick you'll carewhat does that mean help me out bikeyou'll care wha lately I have not beenvery on top of my skincare I juststarted ramping it back up but I feellike when my skin gets drier and I'mdoing less masking and less moisturizingwhen I put makeup on at my smile linesjust pop out at Jeff so that is why Iwas kind of focused on getting some ofthese masks so I could sit there and I'mget some extra moisture in these areasup next we have a door and this is forthis character and I love him but Idon't ever know how to say his name Iknow it's like Doraemon Doraemon I don'tknow he's like a little blue guy I thinkthis is from the brand it's demo butthey are palettes inside of these littledoors they almost look like fairy doorshave you guys areherd of those things can I put on my ownshadow today and you open it up and tadaoh my gosh look he's like winking at youoh there we goI had to find something lighter toreflect it on cuz when you go like thatoh he disappears so I believe I pickedthe purple there was like a pink shadowsor a purple shadows that you could pickfrom and I think I went with purplealthough I will admit they were veryvery similar this might be the onlyproduct that I got today that I'm not100% sold on I'm obviously like still Ilove the packaging do you know what I'msaying and I feel like I do a lot offlat leis and stuff for Instagram whichis mostly why I got this because I waslike oh this would make such a cute likeValentine's Day flat lay or whatever butI don't know maybe on differentcomplexions these shadows would show upa little bit better but they aredefinitely not as pigmented as this onethat we just watched from the faceshopthere are a couple of colors in herethat are very prettybut there's I don't know there's a lotthere's like actually like threeswatches up here and you can't reallykind of tell what's going on so a littlebit of X feelings about that one at cbhwe have this which if there's aHalloween product anywhere you know I'mgonna buy it and this is from the faceshop again and it says happy Halloweenand this is the special edition pumpkinhand lotion and my hands are so dry asalways look at how adorable he isI'm so happy to just set him on mynightstand all year roundsafety seal what an added bonus for ourlives oh wow that smells really nice ithas a subtle scent to it which I reallywelcome with hand lotions becausenormally I'm wearing a perfume orsomething so I don't really like my handlotion - I'm just like putting lotionall over these swatches okay clearlywe're not gonna swatch anything else forthe remainder of this video but I don'treallylike for my hand lotions and stuff tocompete with the fragrance that I haveon it's wonderful it feels verymoisturizing hmm nice up next is thefull-size of that water tent that welooked at just moments ago in our littlepink suitcase and I love the packagingit actually looks like a little juicecarton I got the cranberry color oohlook at thatso wonderful okay we're gonna swatch iton my arm because that's the only placeI didn't put lotion on oh very pigmentedfor a stain what goodbye that's gorgeousup next is something I feel like I'malways in the need of in the need of andthis is a brand that's sold in Sephoraas well it's too cool for school andI've seen some of these Dino productsbefore it I always think they'readorable even though I'm like reallyscared of real-life dinosaurs with nofoundation like why would I be scared ofdinosaurs they're not even here they are20 lip and makeup remover magic wandsthat's another way to get me to buyanything tell me it's magical so yousomehow there's like a makeup removerinside of here alreadyand hopefully you guys can see it's likea clear wand so there's a way to twistit or break it so that its releases theremover into the q-tips oh yeah okay ohwow okay so you twist it and then itlifts up and you guys probably can't seeall this liquid stuff that's happeningbut it shoots the liquid into either ofthe q-tips and then you have to likegive it time to soak up I'm sure butthen you just have a nice littleconvenient makeup remover it's probablygonna be really hard to remove thisstain to be honest these things are kindof a bear to get off they usually lastfor a really long time which is thebeauty behind them I really want it tostay on my lipsso much on my forearm next we have aperfume bar and I think maybe a longtime ago I talked about these products Idon't knowstill pretty obsessed with them they areshatta lab built and they are wineproducts I think they're all infusedwith wine I have never seen this beforethis is actually a solid perfume stickbut it's in this little wine bottle andI got the Purple Label one which i thinkis called angel bee and you just pulloff the cap oh I just stuck it on mynose Wow that is a great scentit's very light and airy you fragrancesin here is a fruity floral fragrance thewarm feminine aroma that sparkles withiridescent light so this is rose lemonpeach melon and sandalwood I also got awine lip tint and I'm pretty sure I havehad this product a long long time agobut I think I had to get rid of thembecause they were too old and this isthe orange shade look at how adorablethis packaging is it just looks like alittle miniature bottle metallic on thetop woo this look at it's gonna be abright orange color let's just swatch iton my arm if I like this and once againit's like a stain it's not like a stainit's literally a lip tint it says thatright on the bottle but I'm reallyloving these kind of sheer tents itwould definitely be a different look forme because I feel like I always go witha very bold lip we just have oh my goshokay so we're just at the Sailor Moonproducts let's start with the littlestfirst which is I have seen these allover the internet for a year or so nowand I've always wanted one it's by thebrand miracle romance and it is a SailorMoon felt tip eyeliner wand and I neverknew this until it came to me in themail today but the wand part is actuallylike reusable you can just put it onanything so once thisliner is done I'm sure it'll probablyfit on other liquid eyeliners as wellI'm trying to pop it out of therewithout breaking it so this is just aplain black felt-tip you could choosebetween black and brown but I got blackand so see what I'm saying like the wandpart that really makes it look like theSailor Moon wand actually is just like apin cap which is very pleasing because Ithought it was part of this actualeyeliner cap so you just slide it on andyou have gorgeous sailor moon eyelinerand look at that it's even so cute onthe actual pin part and so I grabbed thewrong part but it's just a very fineline felt tip eyeliner up next is thecosmic heart cheek and not gonna lie Imainly got this because it looks likeit's the Leichhardt compact it lookslike it's gonna be a mirror is what I'mtrying to say this is perfect if youdon't think I'm chunking this in mypurse right now you're wrong so I thinkthat there is a blush inside oh my goshthe inside and it's just as cute as theoutside look at that you guys can't evensee it because it's just white on whiteso you have this little tiny powder puffand then inside oh look at all of thatattention to detail it's so adorableand there is a little blusher in here Ican't remember if there were hellothank you I can't remember if there weredifferent color options but I'm not ahundred percent sure that this blushshade is gonna show up on me oh no nonot reallyah can you see if there's blush here inall the freckles somewhere there's blushhere but like I said I 1000% did notreally buy it for the blush I bought itfor the compact mirror I get eyelashesin my eyes all the time so this willhelp me when I'm on the go and I have todig particles out of my pupils goodscoops we are down to the last fewproducts thank goodness becauseyou know I had all intention for thisvideo to be super quick today does thatever happen no all right we have themoon stick and this is by oh my gosh youknow what is this just my straight-upBandai I think so no miracle romanceisn't Sailor Moon owned by Bandaisomething like that happened this is amakeup brush a Sailor Moon wand makeupbrush I'm showing it to you guys firsttell me what does it look like oh mygosh I am living and dying at the sametime this is like one of those thingswhere I'm like to use it's too gorgeousto use um but look at it look at it howabout if you focus and then you can lookat it all right now look at it look atit it seems to also be like acollapsible brush I'm trying to figureout how to open it oh my gosh ah I'mjust taking things apart oh there we gouh so I would personally use this kindof brush shape as a highlighter brushboo the bristles of era soft this isfreaking adorable I'm just figuring outhow it happens more and more but everysecond but I love it I really I don'tknow you guys am I gonna use this am Ijust gonna look at it stay tuned on thischannel and find out biggest thing forlast I think this was also the mostexpensive item I think this was around$60 but once again I had to have it sothis is the rainbow moon chalice andonce again it is a cheek product let'stake it out of oh my gosh obviously alot of people were writing in thereviews that you save this forever andeverthis video is just now about hoarding inall seriousness I'm a hoarder with a lotof drawers that's how you mask yourproblems just shove it all in a drawerum so what this is the gorgeous mooncheek chalice look at how adorable thatendsand I'm excited to see what the productis like on the inside if it is a loosepowder or my phone just gave me a slightheart attack anyway my sassy bun is notsassy anymore embarrassing all rightlet's examine the cheek Challis woke upby I feel like the blush color is onceagain a maybe not gonna be ideal for mylife do I care no but you guys have II'm sure if you've ever watched any ofmy makeup tutorials and I get ready withme you guys have been requesting one ofthose so I think I should do one veryvery soon but if you ever seen I love towear like feverish dark blush so theseare definitely on the more natural sidebut I feel like you get a lot of thatwith k-beauty I feel like the trait thetrends there is like very natural verysoftonce again probably shouldn't a smearedlotion all over my hands so now the onlything I have to swatch on is my freckleskin I love my freckle skin it's nice umnot so nice for swatching once again Ifeel like this is a very very soft babypink but also it looks like and I thinkI was reading online where you can popthis blush out when you're done with theproduct and then you can actually use itlike I think it's hollow in here so youcan use it to put rings inside or othersmall knick-knack II doodads earringsmaybe I love it so far so good I think Ihave another order on its way from thissite I just bit my tongue delightful solet me know what you guys would like tosee more products I think I have somegood otama items coming some otherSanrio items I think some other itemsfrom the face shop such cute things Iknow I say it like every time I talkabout products from Japan products fromKorea why don't we have cute stuff likethis over here I feel like that's whyI'm so interested and entertained bythese brands because they do such anawesome job of making like cute intightsin packaging let me know in the commentsdown below or by liking this videowhatever you guys want to do if y'allwould like for me to do more hullspearls from this website k-beauty JBeauty all some of these brands mightactually be from Japan I'm not even topresent sure today is rodeo thank youguys so so much for hanging out and forjoining me if you're not already andyou'd like to be hit that button downbelowhow does my outro go help me I keepforgetting it everyday now hit thatbutton down below subscribe yesbecome a member of the slob family andgive an alligator its wings also if youwant you can like me on Facebookfacebook.com slash graveyard girl or youcan follow me on twitter 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