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[Thomas]: Hold on let me make sure that...[Terrence]: Hello![Thomas]: Sorry I was checking the sound.What is up everybody?So, you know that I am an avid Broadway lover,and so are many of my friends.One of which... is... going to the bathroom.There's - There's Joan. Joan![Joan]: You gestured that way. I'm here. [Thomas]: I did.I'm looking at Virgil.He's standing right there, and I'm getting very anxious.[Joan]: Don't tease them, Thomas!They wish this WAS a Sanders Sides video.[Thomas]: You - You would say that you are a very avid Broadway lover, right Joan?[Joan]: Yeah, I like Broadway.[Thomas]: But - aside from just Broadway in general - there are also tons of musicals we don't know of!They could have just been off-Broadway, they could have just been onlineAnd Joan helped me create this game called "On the Spot, in the Spotlight"[Joan]: The way the game works basically is that you have a solo that you never prepared forSo people start singing the song and then they pass it off to you for your solo[Joan]: And you have to wing it [Thomas]: Which is a nightmare I think many performers have had before [Joan]: Yeah[Thomas]: And to play this game, we have several of my amazing friends![Terrence]: Hello!Hi, how are you? Goodbye.[Thomas]: Okay but you have to say your name, you didn't say your name. [Terrence]: Oh!I'm Terrence and I'm bald[Thomas]: That was good![Valerie]: Hi! I'm Valerie! [Joan]: **** my arm was in the shot.[Valierie]: Hi! I'm Valerie! [Thomas]: Oh that was good[Jamahl]: What's up party people. I'm Jamahl. And I'm... ashy... andClassy and ready to rumble. [Thomas]: That's the way to do it [Joan]: Dang[Thomas]: You learned all these songs! [Jamahl]: For the most part [Thomas]: Dang nabbit, that's really goodYou're gonna be-- and you were also gonna be playingWe're gonna see how this goes [Jamahl]: Yeah yeahSo how it's gonna go guys, first round, you guys getInstrumental and you get the lyrics in front of youYou just have to guess what the melody sounds like[Joan]: The melody and like the **** rhythm[Thomas]: And then the second round you guys get the instrumentalBut no lyrics you have to improvise the lyrics, the rhythm, and the tunes [Terrence]: That's nasty[Thomas]: And then the third round is going to be no instrumental, no lyrics. Completely fly solo[Terrence]: To what? [Thomas]: You will have the title as a clue and you will have whatever lyrics precede it as a clue[Thomas, singing] Let's go! [Terrence]: Who's first?[All join in, singing]: Let's go! [Joan, not singing] Let's go![Thomas]: Round one! Now this song is from a show that I know very well cuz I was a part of it; The ProducersBut Terrence has never heard any of the music so he will be guessingValerie will be leading us in and the song is "When You Got It, Flaunt It"[Valerie, singing]: When I was just a little girl in SwedenMy thoughtful mother gave me this adviceIf nature blesses you from top to bottomShow that top to bottom don't think twice. Now Ulla belt.Don't think twice! Take it away Terrence![Terrence, singing]: When you got it, you share it.Let the public feast upon your charmsPeople say they being prim is proper, but every showgirl knows that prim will stop her[Thomas, laughing]: That was great![Valerie, singing]: When you got it, share itLet the public feast upon your charmsPeople say that being prim is proper, but every showgirl knows that prim will stop her[Terrence]: I was close. [Thomas]: I liked both of your renditions there [Terrence]: Lit[Thomas]: Alright! So this one is tricky, this is going to be Valerie guessingAnd I will lead, in gonna be probably one of the hardest onesIt from a show called Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown and the song is called "Modeled Behavior"This could be a mess[Jamahl]: One, two, one, two, three, four[Thomas, singing]: Pepa, are you there? Are you there? Are you-- Okay, you're not there but we need to talkMy stomach's aching like I swallowed some enormous rockI'm on the phone booth on the corner and I've only got a minuteCause I’m running out of change, cause I’ve been lending all my money to Malik.[Valerie, singing]: God know with men are not exactly on a lucky streak but this one is a mess, I think I’m gonna freakI know you say I'm an alarmist but I’m not. Remember there that there's a time I saw a spider but you said “nah, its a raisin”But it suddenly started moving and it crawled over me and bit me on my toe(Laughing)[Thomas]: You know what? That wasn't bad!(Singing) God knows with men. I'm not exactly on a lucky streak, but this one really is a mess. I think I'm gonna freakI know you say, I'm an alarmist, but I'm not rememberThere's that time I thought I saw a spider and you said nahIt's a raisin, but it suddenly started moving and it came over and bit me on the tongue(Talking) It's really that kind of a mess. You did a good job [Valerie]: Thanks[Thomas]: Honestly [Valerie]: I'm still shaking [Thomas]: Oh, don't shake! It's all goodIt's actually a really good songThis is round two, so no lyrics. We get no lyrical help. We just have instrumentals, so this is from a musicalThat's actually available onlineHoly Musical B@man which is from the Starkid kidsI'm such a big fan, and I feel really bad that this song does not come naturally to meI've heard the song before but I have no recollection of what the lyrics are.The verse riff for this that Terrence is gonna singTerrence what's the name of the song? [Terrence]: It's called Dark, Sad, Lonely Knight[Thomas]: Dark, Sad, Lonely Night. [Terrence]: K-night [Thomas]: K-night[Terrence, singing]: I put most of the blame on Alfred.How come he couldn't take the bullet intended for mama and papa?[Thomas]: Yes! I Remember this now.[Terrence, singing]: I never had a pony!I never had petsJust a bull**** butlerWho builds bull**** jets. Oh![Thomas, singing]: I'm Batman!And I'm really really sadvery very sadand lonely tooI can't have what I wantor hadSo it rhymes(Talking) I was just trying to use the clues that I had[Terrence, singing]: I'm falling apartI need a friendSomebody to hold on to. Somebody to confide inThink of the childrenNext time you gun down their mama and papa.Their only mama and papaBecause they probablyDon't haveAnother mama and papa!(Laughing)[Thomas]: Ah that's so much better! Good![Joan]: I would love for Terrence to play BatmanSo this musical is called Urinetown, and the song is "Privilege to Pee"[Terrence]: As in like urinate?[Valerie, singing] Times are hard, our cash is tight. You've got the right, I've heard it all beforeJust this once is once too much, 'cause once they've onced, they'll want to once once moreI run the only toilet in this part of town, you see. So if you've got to goYou've got to go throw me[Terrence, singing]: I gotta peeLet me stop at your urination station!Oh ma'am, can I passI really gotta pee[Thomas]: Amazing!It's a privilege to peeWater's worth its weight in gold these daysNo more bathrooms like in olden daysYou come here and pay a fee[Terrence, talking]: To pee?[Valerie, singing]: For the privilege to pee(Laughing)[Valerie]: Exactly![Thomas]: It's an interesting musicalOkay, so this is Jamahl guessing and this is gonna be tricky 'cause you don't technically have the lyrics concreteBut you have the melody. We have the title of the song so it's "Broken Hearted Hoover Fixer Sucker Guy" from Once(Singing) Ten years ago. I fell in loveWith an Irish girl, she took my heartBut she went and screwed some guy that she knewAnd now I'm in Dublin with a broken heart. Take it[Jamahl, singing]: I'm a fixer hoover sucker guy from Once(Laughing)I'm a brokenhearted fixer hoover sucker guy from OnceTen years ago, something happened with this girlAnd I don't know why I wrote this song from a ten years ago perspective[Thomas]: That's amazing[Jamahl]: Does that work? [Thomas]: Um, yeah![Thomas, singing]: Oh, brokenhearted hoover fixer sucker guy[Jamahl, talking]: Yeah[Thomas, singing] Oh, brokenhearted hoover fixer sucker, sucker guy(Laughing)[Thomas, talking]: Well done. That's not too far off. "From Once" like he just sings "I'm from this musical"We are moving now into round threeAnd this is the round that has not only no lyrics like no instrumentals like stop. You don't play. Nothing(Laughing)Jamal's now in the corner.It's all good. It's okay. You play that guitar, you play it real goodNow, we are doing a little musicalAnd I'm saying "little" because this musical is roughly 15 minutes.written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, called 21 Chump StreetTerrence, the song is called "What the Heck I Gotta Do" and Jamahl will be starting us offSo we're gonna cut to camera B over here[Jamahl, singing]: She was a light-skinneded Puerto Rican-DominicanLong hair, mature in the body like whoa[T&V, singing]: Like whoa![Jamahl]: That's not the only reason I liked her, thoughShe said she moved with her mother to Florida from New York[T&V]: Where dreams are made![Jamahl]: Well, so did I. So I said, hiShe seemed mature, so I talked more[T&V]: More, more! [Jamahl]: And I was like--(Laughing)[Terrence]: What?!I don't know!! [Thomas]: Use the title of the song and all you got[Joan]: W-What the heck I gotta do[Terrence, singing]: What the heck I gotta do to get with yaWith ya.What the heck I gotta do to get to know you moreI don't know what the heck I gotta do they get with yaWith yaWhat the heck I gotta do, What the heck I gotta do(Talking) Is there more? [Thomas]: That was really, really good[Jamahl, singing]: What the heck I gotta do to be with you[T&V, singing]: What the heck I gotta do[Jamahl]: What the heck I gotta do to be with you[T&V]: What the heck I gotta do[Jamahl]: Who do I have to be[T&V]: For you to be with me[Thomas]: That 's it. [Terrence]: Shoot. Lit.Dang, I was so close[Thomas]: Killing it, dudeAlright, this one is a song from[Joan]: Death Note [Thomas]: Death Note the musical, which is a thingI had no idea. What is the name of the song?[Valerie & Joan]: "They're Only Human"[Thomas]: As one may ascertain, Joan and Valerie will be leading this one in and I shall be guessing[Joan, singing]: Living every day'Til the day they dieNever getting answers[Valerie, singing]: And still asking whyGoing through the motions as if there will be a reward[Joan]: While we're all eternally bored[Thomas, singing] They're only human!Poor, insignificant humanMeasly little worms. We'll drop the books in their hands, and they'll get what they deserveThey're only human!Yeah!(Talking) It completely threw me off. I was like "when's the song I'm gonna come back in?"I forgot my own rules[V&J, singing]: They're only human, they don't seeWho they are is who they'll always beOnly human, after all[Joan]: So they push and they shove[Valerie]: With this thing they call love[V&J]: 'Til they fall[Thomas]: That was great[Valerie]: We are good individuals who work well as a team [Joan]: Yeah![Thomas]: So this is a musical that actually was suggested by some people on Twitter.Now I'm obsessed with, HadestoneSo Valerie doesn't know she's going to be guessingJamahl is going to be leading us in. It's a good song, right?[Jamahl]: It's dope [Thomas]: AlrightThe song is called "Way Down Hadestown"[Jamahl, singing]: Follow that dollar for a long way downFar away from the poorhouse doorEither get to hell or to HadestownAin’t no difference anymore![Valerie, singing]: I'm gonna go down to Hadestown. Fire, blood, spouting dragonsI'm gonna go down to Hadestown a lady way down in Hadestown[All, singing]: Way down HadestownWay down under the ground(Laughing)[Valerie]: Oh, oh! I improvised so much more![Thomas]: That's what we were hoping for[Valerie]: Oh. That was deceivingSo this song is from a musical that so many of you have told me to check outBe More Chill, and this is one of the big songs, "Michael in the Bathoom"I'm going to be starting it off and Jamal will be guessing.You haven't learned for the next part of itSo you'll be cutting out and then trying to guess(Singing) Everything felt fine when I was half of a pairNow through no fault of mine, there's no other half thereNow I'm just[Jamahl, singing]: Michael.And I'm taking a pee(Laughing)Because nobodywants to date meAnd I'm Michaeland I'm in the bathroomBring me a drink if you wannaBecause I'm sad. Ooh(Laughing)[Thomas]: You just made your own accompaniment for the lyrics that you created. That is next level(Singing) Michael in the bathroom, Michael in the bathroom at a partyForget how long it's beenI'm just Michael in the bathroom Michael in the bathroom at a partyNo, you can't come in.[Jamahl]: Okay [Thomas]: I really like what you did [Jamahl]: I remember that[Thomas]: And that is it. Joan? Fantastic[Joan]: Thanks [Thomas]: I loved that gameSo all the contestants Terrence, Valerie, Jamahl. You guys did fantastic [Valerie]: YourselfI think we all did a really good job improvising our way through thatJamahl, fantastic performing. That was awesomeSo all of you guys who sang, including Joan, fantastic performances all around (a sound?? by Terrence)And I hope that you guys enjoyed that please check out any of those musicals we went throughAnd suggest others that we did not cover because there are plenty we don't know aboutHope that you enjoyed that. Thank you so much for watchingIf you are interested in any of my previous videos, click over here.If you're new to the channel and would like to subscribe, click down hereAnd if you're interested in becoming featured fander, click down hereAny parting words from each of you, Valerie, go [Valerie]: Goodbye![Thomas]: Joan, go [Joan]: Hi, I love you all <3 I'm really proud of you. I'm glad that you watch this video today, we worked really hard on it[Thomas]: Okay, alright, alright, Jamahl [Jamahl]: Eat spinach[Thomas]: And Terrence [Terrence]: Get money?[Thomas]: Alright and from me, until next timeTake it easy guys, gals, and non-binary pals.[All]: Peace out![Thomas]: I love you guys. You guys are so freaking talented (Talyn-ted). I love it

My friends and I are big fans of musicals and each have a history of performing on stage! But there are wayyy too many musicals out there to keep track of and there are definitely some we’ve never even heard before! In this game, we try to sing through some new musicals with the small obstacle of… not knowing these songs at all and not getting any practice. Hope you enjoy the trainwreck and the new musicals!!

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