Making The Grand Tour: James’s Candidate for the Driver

[Music]well who's that right that's mycandidate this is a properly good bit oflateral thinking this he's a car thiefwell he was a car thief I should sayhe's now looking for a job this is a jobinterview it's literally the stupidestidea ever done his time and he's repaidhis debt to society now he's getting hissecond chance how do you know he's quickbecause he was the quickest man on hisestate that's why he became a car thiefhe can outrun the cops for years beforehe was caught Dean three two one goto Laurent it's very good to look at butit's not quick more car park driving sothat's driving it like you stole itwhich is what we say no quirky looks tomy system doesn't matter it's good towatchwhere is he he's cominghe isn't James I'll call the end of theyear their copy of W call the place whatare you going to say to them a manstolen my car and how did he get it yougave it well I might brush over some ofthe details

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May are still on the hunt for a new driver for The Grand Tour season 2. This time James has a candidate, a car thief. Driving it like he stole it, literally.

The Grand Tour returns to Prime Video on 8 December.