Markiplier Makes: Breakfast

and we are a lot yeshello everybody my name is markiplierand welcome to the November charitylivestream we're here to make breakfastfor you I want to introduce Tyler helloI want to introduce Ethan hello and Iwant to introduce myself and everyonewho's in this roomAmy Evan and Catherine over there onmain control yeah whateverwhat's the first time you've ever hadthat kind of reaction no just look ather she's yeah she's yeah she's she'sshe's kind of a wild card that mightaccidentally take down the whole streetyeah that's what I'm mostly concernedabout because there's a lot of wiresaround here that we've got everywhereand we could possibly have a hazard herebut more importantly than anything thatwe've already talked about and we'lltalk about on the stream even thechildren this is our bombing forpunishments holiday board so here wehave a number of very mysteriouspunishments that we're gonna be enduringmostly me because I'm a jerkbut I'm gonna be doing a lot of thesepunishments and we have this lovelybucket of apples and ice cold waterwe'll be putting more ice in this wateras we go along but every time we getpunished or we have to do a punishmentwhich will happen every $10,000 raisedwe will someone not sure how I'm gonnado rock paper scissors rock paperscissor in it or is it like if we losethe thing or what what we'll do thatwithout it but that is an island oh wecould Rock City Paper Scissors or wecould just cycle through so it could belike oldest to youngest or vice versa Idon't like that your first to bepunished yeah that was your firstmistakegosh alright so we're gonna be having alot of fun here but we are raising moneyfor Save the Children and our goal thistime is really really really high it'stwo hundred thousand dollars which ishigher than we've ever hadbefore it's not higher than we've everraised before but it's the highest goalwe've had through pure monetarydonations so Tyler can tell you moreabout this and we'll be talking aboutthroughout the stream certainly thereare a number of ways to contribute asyou can see on the till to five page weactually have a lot more informationthis time you can go to the schedule youcan see exactly what we're gonna bedoing every time we're live we're doinga different activity there's gonna bedifferent punishments and during thebreaks we're gonna have a goal for thenext time that's gonna affect us in thenext time we are alive the other thingthere are incentives if you go to theincentive page there are shirts they'reactually an older design that we hadleft over and in storage for a few yearsyeah that and they're all organized bysize and all you have to do is donate 50dollars and roughly forty three of thosedollars will go to the actual charityitself in the long run because there issome shipping costs to that and that'sthe only thing that's getting taken outis that shipping so if you go throughthat be sure and pick the right size andthen the charity itself is Save theChildren I'm in the bottom corner Ithink it's said that corner is at thatcorner it's one of the corners there's apackage oh it's up here uh-huhalright well it's up there on thatpackage is for every 50 dollars it willfill completely up and you will watch itas it fills up and every 50 dollars thataffects 4,000 babies that gives themlife-saving vaccines that gives themmedical supplies and medical check-upsthat they need as they that they developwhether it says an infant or when theyare first born and Save the Children isa huge big organization that reachesover 120 countries including the US theyprovide education they providelife-saving medical treatment and theydefinitely come into action duringcrisis because children are the most atrisk when crisis occurs they protectthem from harm they do all kinds ofstuff all for children and families withchildren and the reason today that weare the goal is 200 thousand dollarswhich is higher than we've ever had thegoal is because we have a veryvery very very generous anonymous donorthat is willing to match the donationsup to two hundred thousand dollars so ifwe hit that two hundred thousand dollargoal that means we will raise a total offour hundred thousand dollars for Savethe Children which will be awesome solet's do it yeahso everything you do is double this timearound everything that we have here isgoing to be doubled so even the actionsthat you take if you can make a donationif you can share the stream if you can'ttell people about the tilta five-page ifyou can go out and let people know aboutthe stream that's another possibledonator who whose donation is going tobe doubled during this stream so if youcan please let people know about that ifyou can please let people know about thestream about the event that we havegoing on about the organization thatwe're raising money for it will do anincredible amount of good and we'll beable to have some fun all day becauseevery ten thousand dollars that we raisewe will be doing another punishment andovernight we already raised seventhousand dollars for charity so lookdown the description for tilt fi commslash at markiplier all the otherinformation there if you're on mobilethere's other ways to reach the donationpage just check around do whatever youcan and please help share it on Twitterand Facebook wherever you can we'll comeup with a stream hashtag soon and let'shave some fun so this is the lot livemarkiplier makes which means that we'regonna be starting off this day with anutritious breakfast for all of us toenjoy so are you guys ready oh oh I'm soready ready Freddy it's already readyBettyyeah Betty's ready for spaghetti okay sohere's how it's gonna work we're gonnamake a whole smorgasbord of breakfastfor you and that includes eggs baconpancakes that's not each of us gonnamake one we're going to each gonna allmake every one of those and then we'regonna be judged on the consistency ofthe eggs on the crispness of the baconand the accuracy of whatever pancakewe're gonna try to actually make sure Isay what sorry go aheadno please continue it's sort of like asort of sort of like we have each thingwe have to make the pancakes we have tomake the bacon we have to make the eggsbut we can also sayuse other ingredients that are in thiskitchen as well why would you do thatthat's what we talked about Oh to spiceit up and make better eggs okay you knowmaybe if you're a plain Jane does itlook like I'm a plain Jane you know Iknow Oh mr. sternum what color is thatit's all right you know yeah you got iton that one okay so we're gonna getstarted here do we have a timer and weforgot to get a clock oh we got a timeroh we're actually on top of things thistime around yeah Oh phone now it's verysmartthey have timers and then okay yeah Wowokay we talked about 15 to 20 minuteslast night with ten five five all rightokay all right ten i lineman is each 15I'm what I just said ten okay I'm gonnaharden you who votes ten I got one voteI'm voting NO there you having I don't Idon't like you anymoreI got we got enough votes here we'regonna go 15 captain we need you Oh passbut I failed not too late all rightcountdown will start go oh I shouldprobably turn this on Abby I don't knowhow to use it you must turn the Deuterwhat degree I don't know okay everybodyjust make sure be very careful withthese griddles all right you couldreally burn yourself he's safe I openedI didn't open the Baker open says meanyway I'm gonna just take the relaxedrouteI like to start off my day with somesweet delicious butter you get thatbutter I gotta thank the bacon do wewant an amount could I have a butteryeah the butter go get it the ceilingwhy well that wasn't the ceiling I'm notgonna lie that was all me that 100% youyeah mmm you're the worst I know it ohman one of the livestreams gonna getsmellivision are you smelling you smellthis you smell what The Rock's cookingmmm smellsI'm going to use this table as a cuttingboard oh is that maple bacon made it isah that's a good stuff you up yeah yeahcuz we wanted to do uh we want to do amarket Blair Mixon we were gonna do likea whole bunch of different things andthen we always just kept going back tomarket makes pancakes and just like thatwas a very very wholesome very lovelyway to start off the day and everyonehad a great time moving this stopit's that timer stop alright who's beingparty agree Tyler wait waitcareful careful careful careful carefulcareful careful careful careful now holdit yourself hold it yourselfon the other side back here on the hairon the other side you're good don't walkon your knees you're a bad knees whatdoes that mean you have to close youreyes your eyes are open right nowclose eyesit doesn't matter close your eyes closeyour eyes I don't think it closes eyesyou just spit so much or just right inthere use those t pers t for Sutherlandstruggling so much it's 16 which is Iship itwait that punishes us yeah I ship itwhich is where the other two players getduct-taped together god damn it I madeall these punishments without the ideathat I would be the one being punishedthat's damn it damn itall right well butters that's gonna besome berry lads karma for all right youwant to be back-to-back can we do sideto side why would we do that easier tomake breakfast oh here comes here comesa B wait do I get to do it or do you getto do it I mean I guess that's fair yeahall right we got you you only get acertain amount of time to do this okayall right lift your arms up I'm gonnagive you use of your arm okay that'sfair what a gentleman I'll hold that foryoudon't burn yourself that's okay well allright all right Nev oh it's burning hangon I've got a situation here I need toshare yourI've never made bacon before all right820 oh no all right uh that's a splashzone I'm turning that heat that I haveto get some eggs I'm sorry okay I'msorry I'm sorry thrown it come back toPapa I don't want to just splatterthough all right that I've mastered theone handed egg crack have you maybe okayI'm gonna put those over there all rightI need an egg now oh I have an egg hereyou want it no oh I have my own eggs allright I've also mastered the one-handedegg crack watch carefullyI caught some of that splash yeahperfectjust like a chef no I need the pancakethank you that's it hold on I'd likesome make sure that your hands are cleanbefore okay I'm gonna take this bowlokay I need a cold water I know where toget it I have to get some cold waterspinny spinny who shut your mouth youdon't know where his mouth has been Iknow exactly where his mouth hasn't beenthat's married he probably doesn't knowthat pretty all right all right can Iget a turn of the griddle you greedyperson taking this[Applause][Music]very bad badnothing nothing nothing what's badnothing what's bad about anything that'sgoing on here nothing at all feel likemy feet turned up a bit why I don't knowjust feel like it should mmm smellsdelicious in it well I don't use my assto scratch here and so I'm just gonnalay down the rules of the dump today Ineed one more egg just you know just youknow you know oh boy uh-uh nope that'swhat you call not working ah okay oneflip - flip red ship blue ship okay allrightOh where'd my bowl oh all right yeah mybacon is it working your bacon is stupidand I hate itWow all right how about you calm down alittle bit stop using me using me beardscratches hang on I don't know if thisratio is correct but I'm gonna go for itall right all right it's pretty goodthis is oh boy this is not great I'mgonna do a little flip of the bacon I'vebeen feeling there's gonna be a waterypancake idataplay hold on hold on Ohwhere's the place I'll get you one toeat thank you you're such a gentlemanno I'm not it's over though now Ithought that was a real boobiesyou can have a turn mistake number onewhat no no that was another Playboyhang on oh I hate getting so close to mehi oh really we're getting close to youTyler wouldn't that just be I can'timagine what that would be like Iliterally what would happen in thatcircumstance pilot watch your elbow ohboy oh boyI'm gonna borrow some pancake batterwhat no mine's very watery you want toadd more bit of mix of that trust meI need a bowl just have more than mineoh you're lucky I have to wait for thisshit hold on back it up back it up backin the wagonhow much Thanks oh it's good by the waythe donation link to the tilta 5 page isdown in the description below so if youwant to make a donation and get us outof this contraption we have to get tothe next punishment before we doanything I'm doing a little mix alrightokyou can mix not there you can pick upthank yous all right now it's a littlealright alright alright excuse me sir nono sir in the middle of something sir nono I need you to move I need you to shutup but that ain't gonna happen so wejust gotta live with things in life allright go for itturn that off there boy my eggs my eggslet's try that out there beautiful ohthank you there we goalright now for the real challenge see agoodmm oh that's too thick yep that's what Iwas thinking as well biscuit biscuit Heyall right you know I gotta flip thisshaman you you you can wait okay that'sfine i have to wait anyway good goodgood good great great great great greatand flap okay anyway so yes the tilt thefile link is in the description below ifyou guys want to go see that wellalright I was talking but donate yeahsave them from their current punishesyou donate over a certain amount youwill be shown at your name will be shownat the top of the screen has anyonedonated what's the max donation rightnow I don't know Jeepers Creepers brokenon the green even finish breakfast yeahall right isn't that bad I mean based onmath we need to get it thanks thank youwe need to get twenty-five thousand eachtime you're alivetwenty-five thousand dollars an hourwell I don't know if we need to imposesuch rules but that yeah that's theaverage braid or which we have to dothis by well how long have we been goingfor yeah what's the time know much aboutold time of the stream Ohnineteen minutes we've raised uh like90,000 owes right let's down dollars aminute that's pretty good pretty damncrazy that's pretty darn goodno no no I'm plating the most delicateportion of the exercisecan you stop rubbing yourself on methat'd be great just can't resistI know oh wait so are we all right youcan go do we are we eating these or sohot it's hot it's so hot no it's goodokay I'm just touching hot driving withmy hands hot bacon30 seconds I need a garnish well or dowe aregarnish hey golden brown what is thiscranberry orange relish good I love ityou love it we all love it who does bothcranberry pancakesblack okay all right okay like that wasnot plated see I was not plated that wasnot plated I went I laid it was comingoff the spatula no no that was notplated judges okay that was not way I'llaccept thatOh Ethan you know we're buddies whatwhat how is it all fair game bleepingafter the time of well in chopped I'm sohungrycuz this job in cutthroat kitchen if youdidn't plant it then it's not there guncount right I don't know this what whatwhat did even not have plated andnothing you have no right heads todefinitely leave it on the griddle maybeeat it I probably should have left someof this on the griddle for a littlelonger anyway alright anyway we're donehere so judges good or rather judge allright you areyou're wonderful thank you alrightanything you don't get a fork why I'llget even if I'll even I'll get you I'mgetting cranberry everywhere you getyourself a forkalright yeah these are for youyeah so and hold it up everyone to seeso this is what I called the hot caketopper pressed directly over the baconand egg with the egg is seasoned toperfection and the bacon is cooked crispseasoned up with what salt yeah goodalright we're gonna have it backit's a little probably underdone thepancake Bacon's really good goodconsistency all right I call thissunrise on a war-torn evening aseveryone knows when the red Sun risesblood was spilled on that previous nightand so I don't know the yada yada yadathe pancake is cooked thoroughly theeggs are cooked thoroughly and I usebutter and the bacon is nice and chewyI prefer crispy bacon I do like thechutney that is yes the orange cranberrychutney really like oily see I'll neverget to see what your breakfast yeahthank you thank you very much Imentioned here's my lesser half I calledthis Oh hold on I want to be faced thisway a little bit you know cheat out tothe audience I call this we decided on15 minutes the previous night and thenit was changed last minute and then Iwas duct-taped to a person enjoy pancakeguarantee yeah it's like yeah a littletoo thick but it's not oh and there'stwo types of eggs there's that one wella try and Voltron bolt that's it oh yeahgood combo good combo a good egg it'sgood okay how's the bacon Bacon's reallygood would you say the best of the bunchI would like to argue I just tasted myegg it is not underdone it's just niceand fluffy oh that's not you can't wearyour nan side yeah just because you likeraw eggs doesn't mean that the judgedoes that is true there is a work ofthis do you well you want a ring forlike my own ego I would love a winnerif it's not me then we don't need awinnerno we need a winner yeah well can you dofirst place per thing yeah you didn'tget a punishment that's right yeah Ididn't have a hindrance yeah exactlywhat's your Excuse I didn't turn mygriddle up high enough to cook it fastOh if you give me time to cook you wantto fight that well I think we've said inthe beginning of this thing you've nevercooked the bacon before so that doesn'tmean that I'm bad at it yes well howhard is it to be bad at cooking baconexactly that's what boy all right allright can we take the duct tape off sowe could enjoy our breakfast dishes yeahwell we got to do another punishmentwait what donation are we at well yougot to do another and then we'll decidebetween the two of us which one goes allright I'm going I'm going I'm goingunmuted and then just can't hold it Ithink we can also mute it over there allright all right make sure your eyes areclosed your eyes we're not very closelast timethe numbers that was straight-up justbiting you just wanted crack acquire tobe really there's no Apple there alrightgood rings really good mark would youlike a piece of my bacon no okay I gotbetter bacon I just got it hey you wantto view this your top your top I'mbegging you you can do it we believe inyou I believe in you this breakfast ispretty good you know give everyonesuction it suction it in just like giveit the good suck you can do this youknow you pay for entertainment oh heycadet afraid you're getting waxed yeahyeah buddyall right let's put these down like setup over thereyeah what Zagat we can get out of thisnow burst free like alien how hold onpush against each other just really likereally like no we got this okay gonna gothat way you go you go that way I gothis way okay all right this way rightokay all right one two three go[Laughter]my butter cutter ain't working ah mybulbous hips it's caught all right finewe give where's a knife give me a knifethere's a big old knife all right do youtrust me no oh great here we go they'refree all right so you getting waxed andthen we got another dog for you no huhwhere do we gotta go well we all knewyou guys are but with the waxing kit allright so while we get the waxing kit Ijust wanted to say that was super funwe've got more fun in store we're gonnado punishments and then we're gonnawe're gonna clean this up and keep goingbut we got to wax him and then we got todo another punishment so if you guyswant to see more punishments please makedonations below we do them every 10,000dollars and we will not skip any if wehave a debt to pay we will make sureit's done we will get these punishmentsout and we'll raise a ton of money forthis awesome charity and we're gonna betalking more about it obviously they gotthe extra strength if there's a debt topay we'll make sure it's Tyler hey youall so much mace wax do you want theface wax no oh do you have to microwavethis I think so I get get this get yourpunishment in order all right we gottadecide who's gonna get punished the busoh that's trial three depends on whowins first no that's two another fee allright and we're going to hop y'all shootokay right yeah yesyeah yes yes yes yeah get go funny nookay hold on 30 seconds on that why do Ifill up my water quick I don't know tosee you remove the other join him he'sgonna get punished and then I'm gonna doTyler for me pleaseno no I'm gonna mute just hold it awayany minute nowoh no oh yeah puts the tub this way ohmy god okay no Jake oh you want a Bobfor an apple just wait until you stickyour head in there you go Bobthis is tough to open I told you nobodybelieved me why would we why would theythey don't even know they're assumingthis is super easyI'm assuming it's super easy and I'mstanding right next to you so that saysomething about you more than us youshut your mouth about what that saysabout me I'm the only one that knowswhat says my man I'm gonna say that hecan't get an apple in his mouth come onyou gotta use it do you have to use theside big dogwhen I get bobbing in there I'm gonnaget it first tried my huge headthis is clicking large Riley Apple it'shere I'm gonna have to swallow it andextract it later and that drive soyou're sayingwater just going to my mouth but don'tdo that this is this is awful is qualityentertainment this is awful I'm notlooking forward to this wax are youunmutedI am unmuted okay cool boy oh it'ssticking to me how dare it well I meanthat's the whole point of what's alreadypulling off my finger hair you how manyfingers do you possibly have well do itharder then my teeth hey Haley twicecome on okay that that's the one the onehe's determinedI admire his determination three yaythree Shawshank Redemption it you getthe shock collar no no no that's sostimulator[Laughter]Corinne in there it'll be fine that'sgonna be so disgusting by the end ofthis all rightso I'm sitting pretty with nopunishments I have now I've beenpunished once and I persevered throughit and I won the first competition andthe loser was Tyler Ethan just coastingin the middle ground which is totallyfine I guess but this this charityextreme is super important and it'sgonna be really really really difficultto get to our goal we have a long way togo we are just starting and we're doingamazingly how much have we raised intotal actually I can see right here wehave raised almost $25,000 in just about30 minutes which is outstandingincredible thank you guys so much fastas ever that is probably the fastestwe've ever been on trajectory but Ireally do encourage like if we ever stopthis momentum all day we will not reachour goal so if you haven't made itif you were thinking about making adonation do so through the link in thedescription belowtilt defy calm at markiplier and you cango there and you can see all the otherpeople that have made a donation thisgoes straight to the charity we don'tmake any money off of this none of usmake anything off of it so if you havean opportunity to make a donation andyou can please please do it'll make aworld of difference and you can even seelike the names if you donate over whatis it over $20 well $20 your nameappears $50 feels feels that packageyeah and if anybody feels that pack I Iwas hoping you were gonna go answer ityou were close Phil Phil's that packageup there so please please give if youcan give you've never given before ifyou've given a thousand times before andyou can still give just a little bitplease do cuz today every donation isdoubled yeah we could raise $400,000today in less than 24 hours we couldraise $400,000 for this amazing charitythat helps children's children allaround the world where are you guysgonna lean he's goodoh we're gonna watch you over there okayplease give to this charity for thebacks this grown man please we're gonnawash them for you no we will wax thisman also we have a special surprise instore for anybody that donates over athousand dollars or more which there areoccasionally people that are supergenerous and donate that amount we havea very special surprise to reallycelebrate those people to do not sayinglike they're better than all the smalldonations because those small donationsreally do make the world a differencebut we just really want to celebrate thegenerosity that comes out in all theseevents and so we have a special surprisewaiting for you and just thank youeverybody so much please take the timeto do that it's time to wax yeah underthe directions you man direction of thehair because that gets maximum hairpolite oh I know I know how to wherewhere are we wax in here you want me toflip the bucket and sit in the bucket ohyeah not gonnayou were talking about the Apple tubthat older than that all right okay allright I think it's only fair I thinkit's only fair only fair since both ofus got a punishment the first round weeach get a wax a leg I think technicallyI got the punishment it just happened toaffect both of you but I think that'sthere I think that's fair though okayall right okay all fair all fair andaccept late you can choose an alarm ifyou so choose do you want same leg bothof them I like symmetry we're here totake care of you I like symmetry youlike symmetry I like symmetry cool allright we're gonna be as symmetrical ashow hot is this is this like lava hot itshould be okay okay let me know if thisthis burns incredibly so top down likethat who's that you know it's funny youwere like let me know if this burnsincredibly we have ice water right therewe could Oh Godall right Hannity thing did you gotta becareful because you don't want to getwear scabs are and that's where I keephitting the side of my bed with my shinstrying to leap okay way no I go I tryand round the corner on my bed and Ijust go what we do and I wasted all mysense yeah yeah at the same time I thinkI need to focus so I might have toalternate it for okay all right okay allright you go with no youth you wax withyou pull against I think the directionsare in the Box all rightI've waxed many times am i right or am iright am i right survive right come youknow MeyerI'm gonna stabilize right here okay soyou get nice leverageall right don't elbow me in the face Iwill no god this is gonna hurt so badyou don't know that I know that becausewe've done this before yeah whateverhow long are you supposed to wait for itas long as you shall do it it sits likea good minute it's been about a minuteare we ready for me to scream like alittle girlready ready I'm ready do 100 that is alovely hat hmm ah I got a lot of theroots of that oh my god nice nice thisis your you're doing keep oh my god it'sso smooth all right nice mood you'rewelcome we can relax your entire leg ifyou want yeah you want noI shaved my legs before I don't want towax my whole legs why why don't youpivot a little bit just so a little morethan that yeah yeah right on this if yougotta don't don't please don't hit thisget right on it right in the scabswe're just waxing their scabs off yeahyour scabs need to go there justunsightly as oh no more picking yourscabs just waxing them oh geez okayready oh no going back now knew that youwere pushing down a lot harder and it'smaking it burn oh you need another slipof paper yeah yeah you silly Billy youthought that you could get away withthat yes so I am putting more wax on butthat is to benefit you because if it'snot sticky enough then the wax won'tcome off you know what it needs it's allabout pulling fast you don't know whatI'm doing it well I know about it I'mtrying to help let him do itI am dare this is my little bit of timeoh yeah this isthe time this is the right shape yeahyou give it any minute he's so nice andkeep rubbing it get your whole hand onthat ah yes ahoh really baby like that's muscle so ifyou want to see more punishments we'realready on route to get anotherpunishment under way alright so we'realready on the way to another punishmentand uh like oh yeah you get musclestimulator yeah but I totally forgotabout that one yeah okay to it so thenbut we can have another punishment afterthat and we can keep going until we hitthe next thing and then we're gonna signup for the next event that we're gonnabe doing wasn't the painless you didn'tthink about it no it was more that wasso much more mmm that was more than thatyeah that's it because the skin actuallypulled out where you pulled this is likeright against the bone oh that's so sadfor you I want you guys just a plot justsign your name where you wax off thehair okaysure may be full weary but better tossesa marker you've got better if you donatenowand your name appears on the top of thescreen if you or get your name on therewhat okay okaywho's gonna what we're gonna yeah nowwho's the first person to come upSh ayyy okay I'm sure this is good forwax skin no not Sharpie not Sharpie whynot not sure because Enderman dear ohright now has more time that's who isthe name thank you so much for yourdonation you are incredibly generous andnow you'll be immortalize these will betattooed later beautiful calligraphy methank you okay time to put mustardsimmers can you go get the musclestimulator no no wait there's somewhere's one right there but I'll get theother one yeah so are we doing thisthank you so much for being with us herewe got a long way to go but once again Iwill say we are raising money for Savethe Children and if you don't know aboutSave the Children I've got someinformation about it their goals arevery simple they hope that no child diesfrom preventable causes they hope thatall children learned from a basicquality and education and they hope thatviolence against children is no longertolerated and you'd think that thosethings would be simple like everyone inthe world could agree to that but evenin the world that we live in today likethere's there's so many children thatneed help because in 2016 alone Save theChildren helped more than 185 millionchildren in 120 countries and that'sincluding the United States so it mayseem like this is a far-off problem buteven in our in in this country that welive in right now even like first worldcountries where things should becivilized and people should expectcertain things like there's childrenthat suffer and don't have enough anddon't have the basic things and if wedon't protect our children then thefuture generations that we have and wedon't we don't like instill in them likehope and give them the tools that theyneed for the future then I don't thinkthat like we will have a future becausewe just need to remember that we arehere only to make sure that the nextgeneration is better off than we left itso please help and donate to this causewe have a $1000 donation from wait waitwait we- whoa we got $2,000 donations wantLarissa's Andrew Babcock and the secondwas bornJohansson make sure there weren't anymore so and arukou Andrew Babcock allright I'll take them no I'll do itall right sharpie on your chest allright sharpie on my chest here we goAndrew Babcock just donated $1,000 ohare just Babcock too bad we long that'sfor you that's for you how do you feelabout your new tat aren't you proud ofwhat you've done here aren't you soproud who are the others now three ORNdude yeah let's say you're gonna I gotseal on the Babcockgonna make it like real like graffitilike muscle stem to Ethan before hewrote on you no no no we got on our Igotta so just I got it I got I got ityou know what I got this[Applause][Applause][Music]for you your good thing this is my joboh okay my turn the bar you're trying toBob I'll Bob then you get that musclestem on on him don't forget I got don'teven you even come here don't even muteme watch this first try I know how toBob Barkley well I'm gonna do is forearmyou need to pick where you put it okaystarting on a low level right workingour way up yeahas they donated get it higher so that'sthe big thing about this onethis isn't that also unsafe no that'swhat we're gradual yeah you know to likestart on oh yeah you have to ease upyeah yeah did you would you get for justa normal ice bucket ha ha ha ha ha heyfunnywhat comes after you alright so normalis literally just a normal ice bucketthe what is this called I forget whatthis is EXA : three dots there's a namethat the out o know that the ellipsisthe ellipsis just makes it seem ominousso normalize bucket so I'll do thatafter we get this under where do youlike to put the second stack I've gotthis ball you can't do that one eachball we could do a leg we could do layball I'm screaming for golfso I'm screaming for balls are you missblack you could that's right balls ballsballs I've got a surplus of all rightI wanna make Bjorn dance okay no I'mgonna make your pecs dance all right umif you're gonna do that do his rightside so it's not over his heart that'sboringall right I'll make the ones death dooccur in the booth all right right we'regonna put this on squeezers put this oneon the the sing softly do it while he'salso having away he'll be verystimulated hold on we have to decidebecause we have we have the right todecide when it goes like to remain byviolence how many donation level oh nothat's for the other game absolutelylaid her that's for later what time werun in that that makes senseI don't like it but sure we'll go withthat one I'm so worried that this I'mgonna turn it on it and it's gonna belike 25 turn it on mm-hmm I don't knowTyler do you know how to use theseCenter do you just maybe you shouldn'thold I didn't do it at the same timeyeah you do it please be safe thoughokay you're on channel one adjust oohtell me when it starts twitching ah ohhey so we're going for on that one ohwow that really hurts that other onethis one's or then oh this one thathurts so bad oh wait what was it whatwas what was that on I don't know Icouldn't tell which one it was though itwasthan that one cuz I watched you twitchon this one wait who's this one on rightnow what is this one gone for so youneed to go down the other channel andput it on water okay one wait oh wait goagainOh Oh yep pain oh you know you can putit up I just oh I'll stop stop stop downI think it's this oneyeah oh well this is a similar grabbyposition so let me I'm sorrymake sure there we go both on zero Wowwell make sure it's really down alrightschoolish the other one too in anycapacity we have no idea what birds itwouldn't keep alright one up again okaysuper flex in hereoh my fingers okay okay you okayalright cool so ah we're gonna we'regonna wrap this one up so this is mejust explaining how this is gonna workwe have eight events throughout the daythis is the first of eight we are goingto stop this stream we've got anotherevent scheduled up the next one is whatwas the next one again body art oh yeahit was betta blow your friends that'sright ah so so can the next one we havebloap which if you don't know is a toyit's a toy that you you blow through apen and it creates art it's likespraying art it's like it's like spraypaint but blowing it with art so we'regonna do body art with those and we'regonna do body art we're gonna do bodyart with those in the next one but inthe meantime in between each one you canstill make donationswe'll be back in just 30 minutes and inthose 30 minutes pleasetake the time to make a donation tellsomeone about the next event its cued upand ready to go if you don't get anotification about it do ring the bellas much as a meme as that soundshit that Bell you'll know exactly whenwe go live and then you can tell peopleabout the donation page as well we'll beback with more body art and then we havesix more events throughout the entiretyof the thing to go and if you reach thenext point of the more punishments canoccur other than Mark Joseph we're gonnastart the next one with me getting icebucket 'add which is gonna interferewith them body yarding me but I babythey'll dry me off firstI'll find out by now - yo - yo so we'llsee you in the next oneremember to share that stream also giveus ideas for what the string hashtagshould be on Twitter and whatever elsewe can do how those muscles thingsdidn't get to do it through a wholeactivity yeah all right so thank youeverybody so much we are not gone forthe day so remember the next event iscoming up in just a in just a bit sothank you everybody so much for watchingremember all the links are in thedescription below this charity for Savethe Children we can raise up to fourhundred thousand dollars just in thisfirst section we raised $35,000 keepthat pace up we are golden and and likeif it comes down to it I'm desperatethere's so many things I'm willing to doto make sure this goal gets hit that'sright not a joke is what I'm gonna callin a sermon pileup he will delete theCheryl at the end of the day know if wedon't hit it oh so thank you everybodyso much we'll be back in 30 minutesright here on marklarand we'll see you in just a bit allright thanks guys Oh

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