My Dad Paints My Nails (he doesn’t know what YouTube is)

do you watch the ads no you have towatch the full ad even if it's fiveminutes really no as soon as it saysskip ad I'm there hello everyone it's meChristina again and my hallo father knowyou're an OG homosexual does that meanOMG no what is this YouTube anywaysthat's a great question sometimes I askmyself the same thing you've seen someof my videos I have which ones what arewe doing herewhy am I here that's my next questionwhy you what is it what is it hopefullynot so I'm pretty sure everyone outthere is curious about how I'm sotalented and hell are you got it fromyour fatherexactly so that's what we're gonna do -you're welcome he's gonna show you guysjust how talented he is at nail art andwe'll all see where I get it but but Imust tell you I've never done nailsbefore really it's true why am I doingthis I can pay you 20 bucks oh okay cashright do i watch make me peel my nailsoh yeah you have to peel them ready Wowdoes it hurt oh no I cut it in twooh boy that's a bad peel did you knowthat someone uploaded a video of medoing this and they put it on a pornwebsite little male porn ever heard youhear that kid call your parents it'sokay to watch me because my dad said supdide approve did you know that there'sprobably gonna be like a million peoplewho watch this video why I don't know Idon't understandyeah your your humor and your good looksfor me do you know what my channel nameis watch me Chris yeah so what am i knownobody knows barely you do nails yeahwhy doesn't you two get a TV channel noone would watch it because no onewatches TV only old people watch TV likeyou I love TV okay so what do we do nowthis is fascinating how long does thistakethat's up to you because you're the nailartist I gotta go now come they'reyellow they're yellow because I wear alot of nail polish if you watched myvideos you would know this informationthat's how you do a makeup no yeah didyou know I was nominated for like abeauty award like for my face and then Ilost can't imagine that okay ready setgoI'm ready what do I do you know thingsabout car paint right yeah yeah yeah ina body shop so before you paint the carwith the color what do you put on thecar primer well we have a peel off onethat does exactly this or we have aregular primer yeah we'll just likethe color you want the peel I think I'mgonna be lit Rohan pray in the line whatwould they like that the child when youwere baby you were the good baby whichis surprising aren't you glad when Imoved out at 17 I believe we asked youto leave Dean he never came backperfectly now I'm back your painting mynails do you ever think that wouldhappen what's the world come to thisparticles Hollow oh no doesn't say howlock hollow which says hollow glitterpolish collaborations with simplyneurological wears on say it says mensee the gap shake well before use pleasehelp me in being held a fortune cookiesare good glasses these yours you'regonna need them someday are you tryingto now your lips my fu n what does thatstand for your life game overthat time give me time okay I'm readyplease although colors we're gonna gowith this one for the base okay readydo we did we just throw it on whathappens if you go over the line you'refirednever love polish that's what I'vealways said the other one your memory isgoing it's time to put you at home whatdo you want to do if you want to do nailvinyls then you have to yeah I want toput the thingy on thereyou gotta put on of glossy taco classytaconot hungry you don't want the colors tobleed they're gonna bleed yesdoes it hurt yes ah see how nice andshiny it's like a clear coat super painton your pinky on the nail on the nailall right exciting it it didn't come up- oh that's - this doesn't paint - uhdoesn't work too welloh my god it's just a blob no I'm not ablock I used to paint rims I know wetold them you were 12 remember you hadto mask them see that's where you learnyour talents here that's how I know howto use now vinyls and striping tape thatwas part of your education you'rewelcome I gained some valuable lifeskills so now I can be a professionalyoutuber so all kids should go throughthat whatchild labor yeah gotta be careful whatyou say on the Internet in 2017 you knowpeople are sensitive not my problemmaybe you should have been a youtuberstill hope for me right what would IYouTube Oh full of talent back you fromwhat I've seen but these youtubers haveno talent[Music]I'm case in pointI've never seen the show called theKardashian something yeah there's somepeople with zero town okay and zero okayisn't that the same ideazero talent for some reason people wantto watch another caller in people knowwhere I get my annoying okay let's do itthis way or do something else you know Ilike it that's why I do it cuz it's fun[Music]nice can't tell what they are butthey're beautifuldon't move don't move oh yeah I knowthey're mineit's a work of art that's what it isyeah god this one needs a little littleglamour you know what I mean yeahprobably like a hollow taco yeah yeahyeah this should do it watch this giantdot you have like a eyedropper we cantake some oh no I don't know when I drophow can I work under these conditionslastly taco I like this one that's abeauty look at that it's subtle yetfantastic kinda like me okay[Music][Applause]it's great I love especially the you seethat it's really good special effectsI'll let you know I took no lessons yeahI know you're shocked we need to askthem who did a better job at my nailsbeen dad dad we'd like that I mean but Idon't want to sway anybody shouldn't itbe in the nail museum of the world yeahyou do do I get a prize tie backs okaycan you just do me a favor and say Ben'sname and I really like obnoxious big manthat just to you - no return policynobody wants me someday there's gonna bekids in like 200 years watching yourwork how does that make you feel I'll bedead you having advice for like all theyouth the youngthe young minds who are inspired forgreatness and optimistic hope in theirlives by my hoodie are you subscribed tomy channel how do you do that you gottatell people to subscribe to my channelsubscribe to my advice for me you'refired[Music]

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