Stop Pitching Sketches About Other Cast Members

(funky music)- [Grant] So, it's like, a little piece of equipmentthat you'd see in a Science Lab,and I'm looking through it.Suddenly... you can see it.- Grant, are you pitching a microscope again?No, don't... Okay, does anyone else have any other ideas?Siobhan? You've been out for a year,do you have anything?- How about if you wanna see something that's really small..- No, this is a microscope again.People, I don't know why we have these meetingsif no one's gonna do any work.Does anyone have anything?- I have some ideas.- Whoa, wait, really?- Yeah.- Oh, that's great, well let's hear them.- Okay, my first idea is called"Guy desperately needs a public speaking class",it's just about this guy who struggles painfullyto explain himself in front of his co-workers.- Oh, well, what do you plan on happening in this sketch?- I guess it'll take place during like a presentationat work, maybe, for example, a pitch meeting,something like that.- Oh, Katie, that really sounds likeyou're talking about Grant.- No! No, I'm not. It's a character I'm working on.I'm just trying to workshop it.You know, if you guys don't like it,I have plenty of other ideas.Um, here, this one's called"The woman who was lucky to have Celiacsbecause nothing else about her is interesting".- Katie, is this about me?- Why would you assume that?- Because you know I have Celiacs.- It's about somebody else! You're paranoid.- Okay, well, do you have any other ideas?We already did a Celiacs sketch.- Fine, um, here's one called"Guy who needs to realize wearing a hatindoors is super bad manners".- Okay, uh, then what happens?- I think it's just about this guy,he thinks it's like a fashion statement to have a hat on,but really he looks dumb, and it's something that heshouldn't be wearing all the time,especially not indoors.- Okay, that's clearly about me,I'm wearing a hat right now!- Do you have any ideas that are not about us?- None of those are about you!Wow, talk about self-centered.Here, I have a bunch more.Here's "Guy who was tall but in an uncomfortable way".- You...- Wow, great conversation.- Katie, you're being very mean to Grant.You know he can't help it.- "Woman who has been in America too longto still have a British accent".- Fuck you!- No, fuck you!- No, fuck you. This is just the way that I speak.I'm not doing a bit, this is me,this is my voice.- Geez Louise, PC culture.- Guys, guys, guys, come on, okay?- Here we go, "Raphael assumes we're friends,but really, he shouldn't".- You didn't even try to disguise that one,you have Raphael in the title.(Grant hums)- I know a lot of Raphaels, my god,I have at least three others - alright lets calm down- No you don't! - Okay, guys(Grant humming)- Stop lying!- Lets all remember, we're all friends here,okay, can we just get back to the meeting?- If you have a problem with us you should justsay it to our faces instead of doing thispassive-aggressive pitching about it bullshit.- My final pitch "Terrible and stupid bosscan't get control over his writers".- Okay, Katie, that's clearly about me.- No, it's not about you, Trapp.- Yes it is!- Ugh.- Okay, okay fine, okay all the sketches are about you.Where else am I supposed to get material from.All I see is you! God, I'm just so sick of all of you,I can't stand it anymore!(door slams)- WowOkay, well, does anyone else have pitches?That isn't a microscope.That is not a microscope!Alright, well, I guess we'll just have to do one of Katie's.- Ohh...(light guitar music)- So tell me a bit about yourself.- I have Celiac Disease.- Hey folks, what can I get for ya?- I have Celiac Disease.- Hi, it's Katie Marovitch from CollegeHumor,if you want to subscribe, click over here,and for more fun stuff, click over here.And if you want access to CollegeHumor's secret site,make sure you send your social security number,your credit card information,and your Mother's maiden name in a private message to me.

I’m still sour about her sketch “Whoever Writes Our Youtube Video Descriptions Smells Like Cat Dander And Fart.”

Katie’s sketch pitches are clearly about the other cast members, and they’re far from positive. She tries to pretend they’re not, but Grant’s tears don’t lie.

Hardly Working – What really goes on in CollegeHumor offices may surprise you, unless you’re already familiar with unprofessional, inappropriate slackoffs getting nothing done.

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